Membership Information

As of September 9, 2016 we are no longer accepting waitlist applications, our membership will fill from our current waitlist.  Please submit an application July 1, 2017 for our new waitlist.

The cost of membership is $40 per year with a $40 initiation fee the first year, $40 every year after with eight work hours (doubled without work hours) for regular members. A junior membership is available for ages 12-17 for $15 (with no initiation fee). A senior membership is available for age 62 and older for $15 with a $40 initiation fee the first year and $15 every year after with eight work hours (doubled without work hours). The membership year is July 1st through June 30th.

General membership meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm and the Youth Club meetings are the Wednesday following the general membership meeting at 7:00pm.

The membership limit has been increased to 425. Junior memberships do not count against the 425 member limit and will be accepted at any time. Please email for more information.

Membership Schedule

Membership Event Start Date End Date
Membership Year July 1st June 30th
Renewal Dues Accepted June 1st August 31st
Dues Must Be Paid to Maintain Membership September 1st
New Membership Applications (for waitlist) Accepted July 1st TBD