Bucktails Christmas Party Details – 12/10/2017

Feel Free to bring a side dish for the Christmas Dinner. Chinese Auction will also be held  (Donations accepted) Contact Jim Somerville @ 724-378-0895 for Side Dish/Donation information.

Club Director Elections Results

3 Year Director(s) Bobby Berl Jim Henry Dave Sparkman 2 Year Director(s) Frank Cafardi  

Club Director Nominations

Outgoing Directors Gary Oligher Bobby Berl Jim Henry Al Bouman Nominees (to fill 4 positions) Frank Cafardi Bobby Berl Jim Henry Dave Sparkman Gary Oligher Gary Finegan

Club Officer Election Results

President – Mike Martin (Re-Elected) Vice President – Al Bouman (Elected) Recording Secretary – Kathy Decker (Uncontested) Membership Secretary – Scott Snider (Uncontested) Treasurer – Tim Oligher (Uncontested) County League Delegate – Mike Harcher (Uncontested)  

Upcoming – Club Director Nominations

Attend the Oct 2017 membership meeting to nominate new Club Directors.